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Real Magic is in the Eye of the Beholder

Be fearless. Our method is do no harm.


Black Magic Removal Worldwide Origin

In the Beginning, Grandmaster saw there was a lot of light and dark. He opened Black Magic Removal Worldwide to stop the internal chaos of “collection” and to help people withinside of themselves.

After a while, the Masters decided to shut it down and let it be as this was a project to see all the fraud in life and “magic”.

Master Shane has decided to open Black Magic Removal Worldwide as a clinic and university to aid those in need.

These practices’ would be considered unorthodox but this word is even a statement made in an agency to judge something.

If you are going through any illness or dis-ease, allow Solutions Made Easy Inc. to help you reach homeostasis. Along the way, understand the real meaning of religion, voodoo, and black magic. The truth is that you are in a matrix.

If you really need help, we have the solutions for you. Remember we are not you doctors now do we claim we have the ability to heal.


What we do

We connect you to the central intelligence within your own system to break through fear, harmful patterns, and unlock gifts sacred to your being.

Black Magic Removal

Do you think you are being affected the witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, black magic, or anything else causing fear in your life. Learn about strength.

Health & Wellness Clinics

No matter what you are going through in health, mental, physical or anything else, we have clinics around the USA to aid those in need and those who want to change.

Spell Removal

We bring you to an understanding that words, thoughts, and actions are powerful. Find peace in a world run by LAW.

Lifestyle Evaluation

We offer our expertise in eating, cooking, creativity, artwork that heals, and many more tips on how to live life to the fullest.


Our Highlights

Public Figure

Master Shane

“Happiness and joy are deeply felt and experienced with high efficiency.”

Health and Fitness

Internal Arts Mind

. The power is in your hands. The question is, how do you use your hands?


Energy Healing Art

View the Healing Art of OAT, Yaakov and more artists in collaboration.


Need help removing negative influences from your life?



Please keep in mind that any services related to magic and health are not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment. These services serve as a complementary holistic approach to health and wellness, and should not be taken as a substitute for conventional medical treatment. Additionally, results may vary and are not guaranteed.